The EQUAL-CLASS project team carried out an alumni survey in order to gain a deeper understanding of the occupations and positions of graduates with mechatronics, electronics/electrical engineering qualifications. Data on the tasks which graduates are required to undertake in their jobs and other relevant information about their qualifications and work life was collected and analysed.

The alumni survey was carried out to compare the occupations and positions of graduates in the field of mechatronics, electronics and/or electrical engineering in the labour market, in order to gain insight into the following aspects:

  • What is the current job status of graduates?
  • What job level & level of responsibility do they have?
  • How effectively did their qualification equip them with the skills and competences required to succeed in the labour market?

The survey was carried out in cooperation with selected local schools or training providers. One school per country participated in the survey, i.e. graduates of five different schools or institutions participated in the survey.

Results from the EQUAL-CLASS alumni survey: